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In the interest of full disclosure I did not actually use Groom Service for my pet, but as a life long pet owner I've seen more than my share of grooming rooms and Renee has the best set up by far! 

I met Renee and visited her awesome mobile grooming unit a few days back on a photo assignment for an ad she's to be featured in and had the pleasure of photographing her "at her office" which was where she parked right along the Hudson overlooking Manhattan. I was seriously blown away ( and jealous). Renee announces where she'll be parked and often her costumers take there dogs on a river side walk to her location and wait on a park bench with a great view while Renee does her thing! 

The unit is immaculate and Renee has a great way with animals. While shooting,  several dogs (and their humans) came right up to the salon on wheels without any hesitation... Which should be how you choose to use Groom Service, without hesitation! :)




Today for the first time my dog (Bim) got his haircut in Mobile Pet Spa!

Loved it! 

I could see it in his muzzle!

Also I have a picture to prove it!

Thank you Renee.

Fr George Konyev

George K.

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