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Services Provided


If you are a dog owner looking for personalized service designed for your pet's safety, comfort, and good health you will find it all here.


At Groom Service Mobile Pet Spa this is what we offer:


    one dog at a time appointments

    no kennels used.

    convenient we come to you.

    professional skills and precision hair cuts.


Standard Grooming Package Pricing:


 Bathe, dry, brush, and style:  Starting at $150 


Be advised that we will perform a full assessment and consultation before each grooming. Dogs that require de-matting and  any special services will be quoted prior to any services rendered.


Prices vary based breed, pet's size and coat type

Additional services included for all appointments:


    Nail clipping

    Ear cleaning

    Sanitary trim

    Foot pad trim

    Skin and coat evaluation

    Extra love and kindness


Service Details 


We start each visit with a deep penetrating shampoo bath to eliminate any debris and bacteria that may lead to irritation or infection.  Using a hand-held high velocity dryer the skin and coat are dried completely to prevent build up of bacteria on the skin and to revitalize the skin by removing any dead coat. The dry coat is then thoroughly brushed to help control shedding, which means less work for you between appointments. 


 Only the highest quality shampoos and conditioners created entirely of natural products are used. For all breeds, your dog may be styled to the breed standard trim, or according to your preference, in a shorter style for active pets.


Pet safety, good health, and a stress-free environment are our primary concerns. All appointments are one dog at a time. No interaction with other pets and no waiting in a kennel. 


We want to get to know and understand what makes your pet happy and content. Any information you can provide about your pet’s temperament, medical history, and preferences in music or fashion will ensure an enjoyable grooming experience.

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Groom Service

Mobile Pet  Spa








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Serving Sunny Southern Orange County with  NY Hustle  

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